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Why Join Delta Sigma Pi?

A Letter from our Senior Vice President:

Brotherhood, Community Service, Professionalism, and Scholarship. These are the four pillars that the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi live by to personally and professionally grow while enhancing the community around them.  Our wide network of brothers creates a space for business professionals to connect with one another to explore all options they in sight. At the heart of the fraternity lies the desire to help community in any means possible. Our pursuit for the future is assisted by the fraternity's support to prepare all brothers for the professional world that lies ahead. Though the future holds its importance in our fraternity, we strive to look at the now by pushing our brother to the path of academic excellence. Our fraternity welcomes all business students who wish to join to grow as professionals as well as advance the fraternity toward its future. 

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I had started college during the time of the pandemic where classes were online and people halted their lives. My first couple of years were rough. I couldn't find ways to connect with the business community in Saunders which made feel isolated in college from my fellow peers. In the Spring of 2022, my best fried and I decided to attend some events of Delta Sigma Pi during their recruitment week. Before stepping foot into the fraternity life, I didn't think I would mesh well or have any interest but all that changed at their first event. I spoke with several brothers about their experience and culture. Their tight bonds and desire to push one another to be the best had changed my opinions and it pushed me to apply. I wanted to join this community to have the support of people who want nothing but the best for my future as well as my friendship. Since then, I have had an incredible community that has changed into the business woman I am today. For all they have done for me, I have put my heart and soul into the fraternity to make it the place for all who need that support system within the business community. For those who are curious, take the leap! it will be worth it to join such a loving and supportive community.


Thank you for time and consideration,

Ayushi Patel 
Ayushi Patel,  Senior Vice President 

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For any questions regarding recruitment, applications, or the pledging process, please reach out to Senior Vice President Ayushi Patel at

We look forward to getting to know you!

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