A Letter From Our President:

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If you are interested in joining, I highly encourage you to also take the leap. Like you, our brothers are unique. With our own differences and styles we each contribute to the chapter in our own way, enabling an ever evolving experience. Since my time in the chapter, I have realized that we have more of an impact than we think. Being apart of Delta Sigma Pi will unleash new discoveries of oneself and community.

On behalf of the Epsilon Lambda Chapter, we hope you consider joining us for a continuous journey of growth and tradition.


Amanda Sengdara, President 

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A Letter From Our Senior Vice President:


Delta Sigma Pi has provided me with a community of individuals from all walks of life, united as one under similar values through the three pillars: Service, Brotherhood, and Scholarship. We all aspire to become better professionals that succeed in the ever-changing world of business and want to see each other do the same. I have always been appreciative of the fact that, without hesitation, brothers offer the support they are able to provide in order to achieve this mutual goal.


Every brother has the ability to contribute something to the chapter with their unique backgrounds, allowing us to collectively achieve more. Being able to have a voice regardless of any circumstance is something that I particularly value in Delta Sigma Pi. The chapter values all ideas and incorporates them into its operations in order to best serve such a diverse group. Endless opportunities await for you to take this chapter where you want it to go. 


My experiences in Delta Sigma Pi have only been positive and have uplifted me through these trying times. My only regret is that I did not join sooner. However, I am content knowing that even though my time at RIT will come to an end, these relationships will not because we are brothers for life.


I encourage you to consider joining Delta Sigma Pi. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. It is my sincerest wish to be with you every step of the way. 




Cindy Wu, Senior Vice President

Joining Delta Sigma Pi has been one of the most rewarding experiences during my time at RIT. I transferred to RIT as a second-year student, not expecting to further expand my college experience. However, through the recruitment process and support from the brothers, I took the leap and decided to pledge. Since then, I have learned what it means to be an ideal brother, friend, and growing professional. I am incredibly thankful for their encouragement as it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to prosper more than I ever imagined.

The members of Delta Sigma Pi unite under common understandings and interests. We strive to do our best in all that we do; support, uplift, and live up to the fraternity’s purpose. With the experiences of our fraternity, comes life-long connections and knowledge. In times of highs and  lows, the members of Epsilon Lambda Chapter will always support one another. Through my experience, I have gained much more than a sense of community, but brothers who I treat like family.