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A Letter From Our President:


I strongly encourage you to consider joining Delta Sigma Pi if you have any interest. There is a world of opportunity waiting for you, so long as you dedicate yourself to it. Our brothers are here with open arms when you are ready. We will do some amazing things together. 

On behalf of the Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, we hope you consider membership, and best of luck to you all in your future endeavors!


Delta Sigma Pi,

Julie Tulayan

Julie Tulayan, President 


Teamwork, leadership, and perseverance -- just a few skills I developed throughout my time as a brother of Delta Sigma Pi. When I was a freshmen at RIT, I joined the Epsilon Lambda chapter to connect with fellow business students and help myself transition into the professional world.  However, I can definitely say that our chapter offers so much more. 

It is with utmost pride and sincerity that I call myself a brother in Delta Sigma Pi, living up to our pillars of Professionalism, Service, Scholarship, and Brotherhood. My brothers have been supporting me and my growth as a student and as a professional, as I lend my support to them in their own, unique journeys. Wherever our careers take us, I can assure that I will never forget the incredible bonds I have forged with my brothers that will last a lifetime. The  Epsilon Lambda chapter is a space of learning and growth, as we all strive to be the best version of ourselves. 

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