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Brother at Disney World

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

My name is Martha Reynolds and I am participating in the Disney College Program. I am a Custodial Cast Member in Disney's Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Orlando, Florida!

One of my favorite parts about my job is when I sweep the streets because I am able to interact with a ton of guests! I often assist in giving directions to their desired destinations. In doing so, I am able to hear about the best parts of a guest's vacation, and offer suggestions to enhance their experience even more. In addition to the amazing stories, I am able to hone in on my customer service skills daily.

Another one of my favorite aspects of working at Disney World is being able to dance along to the music while I work! Each land within the park has its own themed music that plays (and a lot of it is from different Disney movie soundtracks) and live performers play at different times in the Park as well! I know the dance moves to a few of the songs that they play.

In Animal Kingdom, there are several shows that go on throughout the park during the day. Fortunately, I often get to work right next to one of the shows that features the macaws! Several times a day, I see the macaws fly overhead - it's one of my favorite shows to watch and talk to the guests about! One of the perks of being a Cast Member is visiting all four of the parks (Magic Kingdom Park, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom Park, and Epcot) on my time off. Being able to experience Walt Disney World as a guest gives Cast Members an even better understanding of how to make magic for guests when we are working.

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